Purchasing, Cart & Security


We believe that purchasing on-line should be as easy and painless as buying stuff in our store. In all cases we endeavour to be fair with you and, at a minimum, comply with all legal requirements for selling on-line and through our stores however we will do as much as humanly possible to ensure you have a fantastic shopping experience.

The order process…

As you can see from the infographic below our purchase process is super simple and uses a secure third party provider, Sage Pay, to handle all the money side of things (to keep it super secure, they really are the best!) From our site you are taken a secure Sage Pay payment page. Once payment has been confirmed you will be returned to the Dexter’s Surf Shop website which will confirm that your order has gone through and will be processed.

Easy as that! , but if you have any things you would like us to simplify, please let us know.

**Please note that we cannot be held responsible for items you have ordered being out of stock, We try our best to keep everything updated but sometimes, some things do slip through the net. Should this happen we will contact you as soon as possible to rectify the situation**

Prices include VAT but exclude delivery costs.


Buying Online – Security Tips

Lots of people worry about buying on-line, but it really is a very straight forward and a secure process, as long as you follow some basic security rules:

Don’t EVER give out your pin number to anyone: Legitimate websites will not ask for your pin number or passwords, they will only require your credit card number, the 3 pin-security number, card-holder address and the name on the card. Everything else is explained in the Sage Pay system itself as you go through the payment process.

Don’t respond to emails requesting you to confirm card/account details: Legitimate websites will not send you emails asking you to confirm passwords or card details.
We use the largest, industry leading secure card payment processor, Sage Pay, so that your payment details are guaranteed to be protected. Only Sage Pay will verify your details, no one at Dexter’s Surf Shop ever gets to see or access your card details, only your address and order details.

We hope you enjoy shopping at Dexter’s!