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Progressive & Advanced Surf Lessons

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Why choose Progressive & Advanced Surf Lessons?

We don’t just teach beginners. Our surf coaching covers all levels from complete beginners, intermediate and advanced skills to technical surf coaching.

Our head instructor Andy Des’a teaches the advanced surfing students. With 10 years of surfing behind him and 25 years of teaching experience as the English Olympic Kickboxing team coach, he loves imparting his knowledge of surfing and the ocean to all students. As one of only a very small handful of ISA level 2 intructors in Europe, his credentials and wealth of experience really do stack up. Andy is also hoping to coach the Great British Surfing Team in 2018 alongside Surfing England and the NGB.

As part of these lessons, Andy will teach you the more technical aspects of surfing. This includes:

  • Methods for advanced paddling technique and strength
  • Positioning in the ocean to catch the best part of the wave
  • Turning left and right
  • Trimming the board for longer rides
  • Reading the sea and wave awareness
  • Speed and manoeuvrability
  • Technically advanced turns

Our intermediate and advanced coaching is open to all surfers who can stand up and ride a green wave. We offer a variety of courses from intensive 1/2 day sessions, through to weeklong courses.

We have a large selection of hire and demo boards available to give you an opportunity to try different equipment to suit your skill level and the surf conditions.

Learning outcomes: Individual and professional coaching in long, perfect waves with empty lineups in the legendary North Sea. We will teach you a large variety of advanced techniques and special exercises to show you how to take your surfing to the next level.

Level required: The ability to successfully catch and ride peeling waves

 Includes: Surf equipment, theoretical and practical lessons, video training, spot transfer and insurance.


**Accommodation is not included in this price, please Click Here to view our preferred Accommodation.

Pricing Per Person

Tuition Price
1 Half Day Tuition (3 Hours)  £120.00
1 Full Days Tuition (5 Hours)  £200.00
20 Consecutive Hours Over 4 Days £700.00
25 Consecutive Hours over 5 Days £800.00

Optional Extras

Prices only available at point of booking Price
Full English Breakfast
Enjoy a cooked breakfast and
any hot or cold drink at our very own Waves
Aerial Drone Session Footage
Have your session filmed from the sky!
Full raw Photo/footage of you session with us
Dexters Hoodie (RRP £35.00) £30.00
Dexters T-Shirt (RRP £25.00) £20.00


Summer Season

  • Towel
  • Sun cream
  • Bottle of water
  • Swimsuit or trunks

Winter Season  

  • Towel
  • Bottle of water
  • Swimsuit or trunks
  • A warm change of clothes

We provide everything else you need to have fun in the sea. We also have free to use showers, private changing rooms and lockers on site so you can get warm afterwards!

  • Time in the water with Andy
  • Technique and equipment analysis
  • Wave selection
  • Duck diving
  • Snaps, cutbacks, carves and other major manoeuvres
  • Assessment and feedback report
  • Video recording and photographs of the session – this is the best method of coaching used by the top instructors
  • 30 minutes after session computer analysis
  • DVD of your session